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jeudi 28 janvier 2010

Week 3

Week 3, Simple bouncing ball with a Character Pose.


Stu Excitement pose.


Bouncing Ball.

Bouncing Ball Prep.

Maya Bouncing Ball scene

Hey Classmate and all.

Here is my Maya scene for week for homework (2 bouncing ball with different weight).
This scene is not Final, but if you want to check it out to see how I did, your welcome.

Have a great Week4.


Maya Scene Here.

lundi 18 janvier 2010

Class1-Week 2

Hello everyone,

In week 2, I went to the mall and the subway to make some thumbnails. The assigment was to make some thumbnails, choose one, and do a pose in 3D with it. You don't have to draw like a pro. The goal is to put some ideas on paper so you can plan your shot. So here my first homework for animation Mentor.
See ya next week


Some sketches and my final pose with Stu

jeudi 7 janvier 2010


Hey, First Week at Animation Mentor.

Mentor: Brian Menz. He is an animator at BlueSky Studio. He's recent works are Ice Age3, Bolt and Coraline.

There is no Animation homework this week! :(. I have to do some reanding about principles and and watch a load of videos. :)

See ya next week.

Dominic Marcotte
ObliqueFx Character animator