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jeudi 25 mars 2010

Week 12, Last week of Class1

Already last week of class1. It passed so quickly, and I' m ready for more.
Here I come class 2.

I let you on My class1 reel

Week 11

Hey, My walk with personality is done. what do you think?

Week 10

Personality Walk. Yay!

Here some thumbnails for my Personality walk.

As for Stu, He had to be exhausted. :)
Check it out.

mercredi 10 mars 2010


Week9 :)

Vanilla walk is done and Revised. The most difficult thing about a walk is the knee popping. In other word, the knee goes from a point to another very fast. It creates a pop.

Stu pose this week Was Concerned. Check it out.


In Week 8, We did a blocking of a vanilla walk, which mean a normal walk.
As for Stu, We did a pose that shoes Strength.