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mercredi 28 avril 2010

Class2 Week4

In the Next homework, I will change character. We get one more complex. Yeh! :)

This Week I did some research, some video reference and a 2d rough idea of my shot.

This is it!

Class2 Week3

My Final Shot from Ballie, The Thief. :)

dimanche 11 avril 2010

Class2 Week2

In week2,

We took all thumbnails and works from week one and made a blocking (first attempt) for the animation.

Here we go! :)

Class 2! :)

Week one of Class2.

Wow, already in class2. It is going so fast. 1 class done and 5 to go.

So, Week one of Class2, We had to choose an homework between 6 choices. I choose to do an 180 degree turn with Ballie, the one ball character with legs.

So, I did some research, thumbnails and video References. Lets take a look. shall we?